Sol Ridge Health & Wellness

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Through our range of Presentations, Nutrition Demonstrations, Integrative Detoxification Programmes and Therapies we aim to:

  • Help you to improve and restore your health and well-being;
  • Help you prevent, treat and manage illness and dis-ease;
  • Empower you with all of the information you need to live a healthier, happier, longer and more productive life.

Take responsibility for your health and well-being.

Become and stay physically and mentally fit and healthy.

Contact us to arrange for a consultation, or to book your place at our educational and life changing “Get Your Health Back Naturally” Presentation – includes a live raw foods preparation demonstration, a nutritional health lunch and health drink prepared in our interactive kitchen.

We take a holistic approach to dis-ease prevention and management and make use of natural remedies, food based minerals and vitamins, natural herbs and herbal products, nutritional wellness, diet, dietary supplements, feasting and fasting, massage therapy, meditation, and relaxation in conjunction with tried, tested and proven complimentary health and detoxification programs and methods.

Our Integrated Detoxification Programmes and Therapies are designed to promote health and well-being, and to prevent and treat illness and disease.

Care and treatment encourages your natural healing processes so your body can do the healing naturally.

You are the one that makes healing possible.

Working in conjunction with medical professionals and respected complementary health proffesionals SolRidge Health & Wellness is able to offer the integration of the best of complementary health and wellness treatment programs, with the best of integrated medicine and pharmacology, as well as extended and specialised integrative medicine programs for patients with chronic illnesses.

Our Integrative Detoxification Programs have been specifically developed to cleanse, and to restore a state of homeostasis throughout your body.

Each program is personalised and all inclusive of everything you will need for the duration of your stay, includes use of all facilities, and includes the treatments and therapies detailed.

The following structured programs are offered:
• Detox Special – A Two Day / Weekend Program
• Raw Live Foods Cleansing Feast – A Six Day Program
• Ultimate Tissue Cleansing Fast – A Seven Day Program
• Ultimate Rejuvenation Feast and Fast – A Nine Day Program

It is possible to prevent and treat dis-ease through intelligent nutrition and nutritious diet.

Both feasting and fasting are important components of cleansing and detoxification.

We place a lot of emphasis on healthy wholesome nutrition and correct food combining.

Our nutritional plans are all based on live raw foods and food-based nutrition.

Our programs incorporate both feasting and fasting.

And our interactive culinary kitchen and dining area demonstrates live raw foods preparation and gives nutritional advice with the preparation of each meal and health drink.

The facilities at SolRidge include:

  • A Fruit and Health Drinks Bar
  • An Interactive Culinary Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Therapy Lounge
  • Resonation Sound and Light Therapy Areas
  • Palm Tree Lined Beach and Relaxation Area
  • Solar Heated Mineral Jacuzzi
  • Solar Heated Mineral Flotation Pool
  • Infrared & Colour Therapy Sauna
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Various Therapy and Consultation Areas
  • Library / Study Area / Business Centre
  • Multipurpose Function Area for presentations, conferencing, and exercise therapy such as yoga.

All water coming into the property is filtered and re-mineralised – this includes water for showering and bathing.

WiFi internet is available throughout the property for in-house guests.

Accommodation options range from single en-suite to double en-suite with private jacuzzi bath.

Each room is setup so as to enable private self-administered low-pressure colon cleansing.

Through regular and invited guest speakers we host a diverse range of informative and educational presentations covering a range of topics related to health, wellness, and nutrition, and on the prevention, treatment and management of illness and disease.

Our aim is to provide you with essential information towards improving and restoring your health.

Bookings are essential – click here for the latest schedule, and to book your place at any of our Presentations and Nutrition Demonstrations.

To be kept informed of up and coming presentations please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email address at the foot of this page.

If you have been to a specific presentation before, and wish to attend a second time bringing with you at least one additional person, your presentation will be provided free of charge.

The educational and life-changing “Get Your Health Back Naturally” presentation covers a wide range of important topics, includes a live raw foods preparation demonstration, and provides a nutritional health lunch and health drink – all prepared in our interactive kitchen as part of the educational experience.

Speaker: Bernard Ridge
When: Every Second Saturday 10:00 for 10:30 start – limited spaces, booking essential.
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: Educational Presentation, Live Raw Foods Preparation Demonstration, Nutritional Health Lunch and Health Drink.
Cost: R150 per person.
The “Get Your Health Back Naturally” presentation covers:
• The human body as an ecosystem
• Organs and their functions
• Colon disorders
• Toxins
• Auto-intoxication
• Detoxification
• Parasites
• Nature’s Remedies
• Minerals, Vitamins, and Supplements
• Fruits, Vegetables & Raw Foods
• Nutrition
• Bad foods and chemicals
• Food Combining
• Refined foods
• Sugar
• Salt
• Colloidal Silver
• Diet
• Exercise
• Water
• Herbs
• Teas
• Living a healthy lifestyle